Commercial business is one of the economic sectors, but many people are still confused about this concept.So what is a commercial business?Please see the following article for more information!

1. What is Commercial Service?

On the Commercial Concept: The International Commercial Arbitration Act (adopted by UNCITRAL – United) by the provisions of the Model National Commission on International Commercial Law of 1985-6-21. Business relationships include, but are not limited to: Commercial transactions for the supply or exchange of goods or services.Sales contract. A commercial representative or agent.Manufacture; lease; build.To advise. Engineering design; li – gasoline; investment, financing.Bank; insurance; exploitation contract or interest.Joint ventures and other forms of industrial or commercial cooperation.

What is Commercial Service

Transportation of goods or passengers by air, sea, rail or road.It turns out that the concept of commerce has a wide range. Including various activities. The concept of service: a kind of economic product that manifests itself in the form of human work in the form of body labor, specialized knowledge and skills, organizational and commercial skills.In other words, a service is a human activity, crystallized as a product that has no form.If we understand narrowly in this situation, the service is an activity that supports business processes, including pre-sale, during and after-sale support, as well as software for products that are offered to customers.

So what is commercial service?

You can generalize the concept of commercial services as commercial. Transactions involving business processes and activities that support their products recrystallize as intangible products that cannot be captured. However, if we understand the concept of “commercial services”, then commercial activities, “commercial services are services related to the purchase” and the sale of goods”. These are very common understandings in the laws of many countries today.

2. What are the characteristics of commercial services?

Since commercial services are an aspect of the trade in goods, they have all the functions of the trade in goods.Commercial transactions of commercial services and goods are associated with the goods that are the object of the transaction, that is, tangible products.

What are the characteristics of commercial services?

What are the characteristics of commercial services?

With regard to the target audience, the target audience for commercial services and other commercial activities in general is mainly a trader.In terms of form, commercial service transactions may take the form of head, written, action, or other legal form as provided for by law.In addition to the characteristics of general commodity trading as described above, commercial services also have characteristics as service activities.

Commercial services are intangible products and cannot be owned or transferred.

Commercial services are process-oriented, not standardized, and heterogeneous.We also continue to combine the production, provision and use of our services.It does not need to hold, nor can it be stored or stored.