International transportation is one of the most important processes, especially for organizations and companies wishing to trade or exchange directly with overseas markets.1This is one of the decisive factors for the development of international transport services today. 1 

1. What is international transport? 

International freight is the transportation of goods from one country to another. International sales of goods.International transport is a form of transport of goods between countries. 

2 or more countries, that is, the beginning and the end of the transport process It is located in 2 different countries. 

The transportation of goods in international transport is carried out across one country. The location of the product changes from the country of the seller to the country of the buyer. 

International cargo transportation is carried out through the specialized activities of specialized shipping organizations.Transport can be carried out in different modes or in a combination of them. 

What is international transport? 

2. Products that are prohibited from international shipping 

State regulations prohibit the shipment of the following types of goods: 

Opiates, opiate compounds, anesthetic drugs, psychostimulants. 

Weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment 

All kinds of depraved reactionary cultural products, publications and documents aimed at disrupting public order and opposing the Socialist Republic state 


Explosive, flammable goods and dangerous goods 

Cause environmental pollution 

Goods that are prohibited from distribution, trade, or export by the state; and 

And types of goods 

Living things 

Articles, publications, or products that are prohibited from being brought into the receiving country 

Notified by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) 

Vietnamese currency, foreign currency, currency and other valuables 

Postal small package (paper enclosed with the product) 

Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.), precious metals, and other products 

Precious metals, precious stones (not shipped by mail) 

Senjyo (proclamation) 

Small packages containing multiple items are sent to different receiving addresses 

3. International Transportation Means 

Truck transport 

At present, road transport by car is the most popular means of transportation, but it is not used much in international transport because it depends heavily on the geographical location between countries.Family.Transportation by road is only suitable for transportation of goods that are not very large in volume, short and medium transport distances, and goods that require fast delivery speeds.This format is still used primarily for domestic transportation, but is very limited for international shipments. 

Truck transport 

Rail transport 

Rail transport means have a long history of development. The former was a system of railway tracks and metal rails made of wood and horse carriages. Steam was not available until 1676, and trains were introduced in 1825. Engine vehicle).today, about 120 countries have railroads、 

Its length is more than 200 million km.The countries with the longest railways include the United States. Russia, Canada, India, Australia, China, Germany, etc.There are 2 international rail transport systems in the world.1. Western Europe, Middle East and North America based on the CIM International Convention 

2nd in rail transport, Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe.Under SMGS International Rail Freight Agreement.Rail transport has great advantages. Transport capacity, fast transport speed, suitable for most kinds of transport .Goods, low cost.However, in the case of rail transport, there are investment costs such as road construction. High, poor flexibility. 

Sea transport 

Water transport is not just ocean shippingInland water transport.that is the role of maritime transport. Plays the most important role in the transport of foreign trade goods、 It accounts for about 80% of the volume of goods in international trade. 

Sea transport was born earlier than other means of freight transport Other International.Specifically, in the 5th century BC, people used the sea to create transport routes for exchange Between regions, regions and countries.Until now, sea transport 

It has become an important transportation industry with extremely strong and diversified development Within the international transport system. Sea freight has the characteristics of high transport capacity and low transport cost. 

The sea freight is very cheap, and the investment cost for the construction of the sea route is also low、 Suitable for transportation of most types of goods (especially、 Bulk cargo such as coal, grain, ore and oil and low value bulk cargo It’s a mine⼭).However, sea transport is highly dependent on ocean conditions. 

However, because the speed is relatively slow in the weather, the risk of occurrence is high. 

Sea transport

Air freight 

Air transport is an important means of transport in international trade and has developed especially rapidly in recent years.just luck.

About 1% of the volume of international cargo is transported, but air transport ranks No. 1 for rare goods, high-value goods, and emergency goods.Air transportation has the advantages of very fast, safety, regularity, etc., without the loss cost of road construction. 。The disadvantage of this method is that it is high in freight rates, requires a large amount of construction investment, and is not suitable for transportation of low-value, large, and bulky goods. 

International fares 

To calculate the specific international freight rate, you need to calculate it based on a lot of information, such as the type of goods, weight, international shipping method, shipping route and so on.The excise tax also varies by region and country. 

The calculation formula for weight converted from the size of the package or product is as follows. 

It is calculated as follows: 

+ Equivalent weight (kg) = (Length*width*height) /5000. 

+ The unit of length, width and height is cm. 

The above formula applies to road, sea and air cargo. 

However, to accurately calculate the cost of international transport, it is also based on many other information about goods and tariffs.In addition, transportation plans must also be carefully calculated to ensure the fastest and most cost-effective transportation for companies. 

4. Why you should use Danka159 for international transport and import and export trade 

Consulting services?

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