Parcel or parcel is a very well-known phrase in the field of transport. Many mistakenly think that these 2 phrases are 1 and have the same meaning. This means that the transportation process can be disrupted. The details

Postal and courier services will also be available soon.

1. What is Postal/courier?

A parcel is actually a heavy parcel that contains the item or goods being transported. Bulky parcels (also called special-shaped parcels, the contents of which can not be stacked on other parcels) are transported by carriers in their own mode of transport and protection.

What is Postal/Courier

2. Each package sent to the carrier is clearly indicated.

For domestic parcels: The maximum weight is 31.5kg. However, if the lawsuit cannot be resolved, the maximum weight is 50kg even if it exceeds the maximum weight.
For shipment sent abroad: The maximum weight is 31.5kg, or according to the provisions of each shipping unit.
What is the current status of home delivery and delivery services?

Sending and receiving packages and parcels is now too familiar to many. But not everyone understands and understands all the activities of this service. Some people do not fully understand because of ignorance, so it is easy to choose a transport unit that is not prestigious. This not only endangers the goods, but also affects the work of many people. To choose a fake service provider, you have the following risks::

The order will be delayed and sent to the recipient’s address.
If the goods are delivered incorrectly, lost, stolen or damaged during transportation.
There may be delays in the exchange and disposal of goods, which may take time to transport.
The shipping process is unprofessional, employees lack enthusiasm to help and answer customers’ questions.

In addition, you are always at risk during transportation, an unreliable carrier and, unfortunately, many people are “trapped” in the scam. I don’t know much about sending and receiving parcels and letters. Attractive, so many scammers took advantage of the pretext of workers.

The transport unit will call and notify everyone that an important package has been sent. In order to receive the parcel, people have to pay shipping and tax. If you follow the request without thoroughly checking this information, you can incur significant losses. Quantity. Therefore, in order not to lose money,

3. You need to be careful with this scam.

Mail, which unit should I choose to transport mail safely?

The risks during transport are unpredictable, and no one can be 100% sure that this will not happen.However, if you are a reputable shipping company, you can limit it completely.This is because reputable units always ensure high quality, safe and fast delivery service.

Which unit should I choose to carry paper and small bags safely

But there is the fact that in the market many transport companies operate at the same time.Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages.This makes it difficult for customers to choose.If you’re not sure which shipping service to choose, why not choose Danka159?

Danka159 is one of the major units of today, providing cheap delivery service with guaranteed quality and being trusted by many customers.1

By using Danka159’s delivery service, you will receive more products than you can afford. It has the following advantages:

Save shipping time: You don’t have to wait a long time for an item to be delivered to the receiving address.Danka159 is committed to delivering to customers quickly and on time.
Save on shipping costs: With the goal of helping customers save the most on shipping costs, Danka159 reduces customer costs by minimizing unnecessary shipping procedures.This allows anyone to access high-quality delivery services with a small fee.
The goods are always guaranteed to be safe.

The transportation process always contains many unexpected risks, Tong Tien’s staff will always follow the transportation process.

Products.Not only do we care about sorting the items before they are shipped out, we also care about sorting the items before they are shipped out.、

However, orders are also checked during shipment to minimize potential. Risk.

In modern life, courier services have become an indispensable service for business activities of companies and stores.In addition, to effectively use the fast delivery service, users need to be aware of the following issues:

Notes on using postal and courier services
Notes on using postal and courier services
Advantages of customers when using express delivery service

When you use express delivery service, you have the following advantages:

We will pick up and deliver to your designated location with a timer.
Receive the goods on agreed time
Transparent delivery and clear delivery documents.
The interests of our customers must be our top priority.

A reputable and specialized shipping company will always provide full-service advice to customers on weight, capacity, product packing process, product shipping, product shipping route, etc.This makes it easy for customers to keep track of their order status at all times.

Delivery time is always accompanied by cargo safety

Usually the courier will achieve fast and accurate delivery time, but that does not mean that the goods are not guaranteed.Instead, the delivery department must ensure that the goods are scratch-free and safe when they arrive at the recipient.

Reasonable fees

This is also an issue that many companies and stores are concerned about, as the fee for express service is higher than the usual fee.

With the advent of many companies that offer freight services at different prices, the choice of consumers is increasing.However, customers also need to be more cautious in choosing a shipping company.

The best choice is to choose a large express shipping company with experience in the field of export and import of goods and customs clearance.This ensures that the goods can be shipped quickly.It can be delivered to domestic and foreign recipients without any problems.

It is not always the fault of the delivery company that the goods arrive late

Slow delivery of goods to the recipient is not always the fault of the carrier. Sometimes it is due to objective reasons, such as natural disasters and floods…

International shipping delays can be caused by customs. In fact, international orders must be through customs, so fast or slow delivery also depends a lot on the customs of each country.